A lot of the work we do at Autopack is helping design production and packing lines for SME’s that don’t have a full time project manager or maybe the experience within their companies.  We have a flexible approach to sourcing new equipment and working with customers from  a consultancy basis to managaging the whole purchasing process. The equipment can be all new or a combination of new, refurbished and or integrating existing equipment with the additions but it is all managed by Autopack which takes on the responsibility of delivering the results you are looking for.

If needed we can point in you in the right direction to get the your products the look and feel you want as we have worked closely with many packaging manufactures in flexible films and foils, bottles, containers, cartons and cases etc.

An example is the recent edible oil filling line which we have just installed. The Customer needed a complete production line to fill a wide range of bottles with quick changes overs and to fit in a limited area.

A rotary unscrambling table with a bottle tray rest feeds a rotary bottle rinser. The rinser can run 100ml to 1000ml bottles both in glass and plastic and is equipped with inonised air to ensure all the particles are removed from the PET bottles.

The bottles are transferred to a 4 head liquid filler with complete servo drive control allowing for complete programmability. An additional feature added were the infrared level check sensors to ensure all the levels in the bottles are the same even with in the Artisan craft bottles where the internal volume can vary. The independent servo drives allow each bottle to meet the minimum fill requirements and maintain the aesthetic appeal.

The liquid filler then transfers the bottles to the capper which equipped with twin capping heads. The rotary table can rotate righto a standard plastic automatic capping unit or left to a ROPP capping unit both are height adjustable and have integrated cap elevators and cap chutes.

From the capper the bottles were transferred to the customers labeller where we modified the infeed for a smooth transfer and the discharge onto a rotary packing table.

To complete the line we supplied a manual handling solution for the bottles and an end of line case taping and conveying system along with installing the electrical and compressed air lines for this line. 

Gravity filling and labelling line

One of our latest projects we have completed for customers